Welcome to the Vine and Branches Studio Shop!

My name is Aisha, the creator and designer of the studio. I started this shop after getting through a time where I was doubting myself and my work. I have been a designer for many years, always loving to draw and create. Yet, I hit a time where I let my doubt get in front of my dreams. 
After becoming a mother, I started drawing and designing as an act of worship during a pretty hectic time. Soon, I felt in my spirit to start showcasing some of my work and soon after that, I decided I was going to put my dreams in front of my doubt and open a shop!
The Vine & Branches Studio name was inspired by the passage of John 15, that is titled "The Vine & The Branches", encouraging us on how to connect with God, abide in His love and bear fruit. It also urges us above else to love. Love one another and sacrifice for each other. 
As a multi-ethnic woman and mother, it burns deep that all people, regardless of skin color, accent or sex, be united. From personal experience, I see the beauty that comes from it. I see the compassion it builds.
I hope my designs embody diversity, celebrating uniqueness and one another. 
Additionally, we are the Branches— that is our last name! I love that personal connection as each piece is made in hopes of surrounding your family & home with love and beauty.
I hope you find a connection with a product and shine your light!
Thank you for your support.