About Aisha Branch

About Designer Aisha Branch

Hello, friend, welcome to my creative studio shop-- I am so glad you are here. My name is Aisha Branch- artist, designer and creator of all of the goods in this shop.

My studio practice includes print and pattern design, illustrations and hand lettering. I have always loved textile design and through practice and continuing this design journey, have found a love for illustration and art. This shop serves as a little corner for me to bring all that I do to life and hopefully bring color and light to your space. You will see home and personal goods with unique prints and patterns, illustrated goods and uplifting hand lettered items. 

I am often inspired by nature, faith, my family and multicultural background when I create. I love women and colors, so you will see a lot of that, too. My deepest prayer for this space is that the designs and products presented here will speak to you and impact you in a positive way or at least add some light to your home or office. The designs all come with a story behind them, and I will often write about them on the shop's blog

Outside of being an artist and designer, I spend my time as a creative mama and wife who also helps other people and businesses bring their visions to life. You can learn more about me and my full portfolio over at www.aishabranch.com

Thank you for coming, shopping and supporting small business.
Love, Aisha